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Total is active across the entire LNG value chain, from production and liquefaction of natural gas, LNG shipping and trading, supply of gas and power, regasification using terminals or floating storage regasification units (FSRUs), to the development of new markets.  


With an objective to sell 50 million tons of LNG annually by 2025, Total is currently the second-largest private LNG operator worldwide. Its LNG portfolio enables Total to guarantee flexibility and a competitive advantage to its customers all over the world. 


The term 'small-scale LNG' refers to the direct use of liquefied natural gas in its liquid form, as opposed to the conventional scheme of regasification and injection into the gas transmission network from an LNG terminal.    

There are two main applications for small-scale LNG:  

  • Mobility: marine fuel, or bunkering, and fuel for trucks. 
  • Industry: fuel for power, steam or heating production in off-grid locations. 

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